URCEUnités de Réduction Certifiée des Émissions (French: Units of Certified Emission Reduction; Kyoto Protocol)
URCEUnion of Rohingya Communities in Europe
UrCEUlmi Radicis Cortex Extract
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Broadbent, Church, Meck, & Rakitin, 1993) that number and time discriminations are related processes, counting series trials seems to be a more reasonable so urce of position information here than does timing.
Although there are still a large number of villages that reported rattan scarcity (N=11) or theft (N=5) and have yet to do anything about it, and although it is clearly too early to assess the effectiveness of these community resource controls, the behavior of these five villages provides an interesting case of where access to a valuable forest reso urce is being restricted in response to resource scarcity.
n, dress ural urce of " The study highlights howwomen feel they become as they get older, but also out that others are buying from high street retailers are catering for the "grey market".
This project will utilize Special Revenue So urce Funding, as well as federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP) and Transportation Equity Act (TEA-21) funds.
to letter from a In responsense respon response nse the moth h f d h mother found her d d i b d, I'd like to who fo ound s n n , like to son dead in bed, bed,, , in recommend the Alder Centre Ald in der Liverpool, a national resource for anyone affected by tl a ne affect d b h d th f p urce f y y the death of a g and support child It couns lli gand sup child.
urce Manager (PRM) integrated device management package, the latter of which will be used for the monitoring and online diagnosis of the instrumentation devices in this plant.
A source close to him said he was on holiday urce close ay when the committee met on Monday.
Many restauranhip with @Home Network, to each restaurant and money with this service because it eliminates urce operations and Electronic Data Interchangesurfing and television-based interactive BarGamCom solutions.
That up to US$410,000 is authorized, on a nonrei mbursable basis, for the purpose indicated in paragraph 1(b), chargeable to the reso urces of the Multilateral Investment Fund.
Despite a massive increase in resources, urces, the system still appears to be dysfunctional.