URCSUganda Red Cross Society (est. 1939; Kampala, Uganda)
URCSUnmanarc Remote Control Server (software)
URCSUnified Rock Classification System
URCSUniform Railroad Cost System
URCSUniform Ration Cost System
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Until the URCS is reformed or a more effective screen for market power is implemented, the regulatory backstop suffers a credibility problem.
The samples and comparisons in all previous studies of URCS were abstract figures, and thus URCS has only ever been shown on visual-visual matching tasks.
Thus far, URCS has been shown on two-choice and three-choice matching tasks (only the Williams et al.
Despite the fact that all the URCS volunteers are working in uniforms with Red Cross symbols, several of them have received light injuries when performing their humanitarian duties.
The Red Cross Society of Ukraine calls upon all the parties to follow the rules of the Geneva Conventions concerning the respect of URCS staff members and volunteers and to ensure their protection.
after URCS support is concluded, others become inactive.
Moving forward, URCS would like to better understanding the whether its DRR work offers value for money (VFM).
The Redknee URCS solution will enhance our existing infrastructure helping us to better segment our market, and introduce new service features.
URCS is working closely with Ministry of Health and other agencies like WHO, MSF, UNICEF and AFINET who are part of the national task force on Ebola.
Rather than requiring operators to replace existing solutions, URCS complements an operator's existing billing infrastructure by enabling new capabilities as new services and charging models are introduced.
With Redknee's flexible and modular URCS product, operators are able to offer subscribers more personalized services and bundled plans for charging all subscriber transaction as they occur in real-time.
A consortium of four NGOs (AMREF, URCS, Africare and CDFU) will implement UMPP in collaboration with District Health Services under the overall guidance and supervision of the Malaria Control Programme of the Ministry of Health (MCP).