URECUnité Réseaux du CNRS (French)
URECUniversity Research Ethics Committee (various universities)
URECUnavoidable Residual Environmental Contamination (organic agriculture)
URECUrban Restoration Enhancement Corporation (Baton Rouge, LA)
URECUnion Real Estate Company (Safat, Kuwait)
URECUnited Refining Energy Corp.
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As the report at PV Magazine makes clear, details on the UREC solar-module manufacturing operation in the U.
De plus, leur processus de selection elitiste commandait que les URECs regroupassent en leur sein seuls les elements les plus radicaux de la societe, les plus progressistes et les plus politiquement engages, afin d'entrainer, par un phenomene de succion vers l'avant, les adherents plus frileux vers la cause revolutionnaire (95).
UREC can be defined as the class of tiling-recognizable languages whose pictures admits exactly one Wang tiling [14].
Diag-DREC [subset] (Col-UREC [intersection] Row-UREC) [subset] (Col-UREC [union] Row-UREC) [subset] UREC.
Diag-DREC [subset] Snake-DREC [subset] Scan-DREC [subset or equal to] UREC.
UREC vice chief executive officer Abdul Aziz Jassem Al Failakawi said.
Felsenstein's (1985) method also gave the best estimate of the SREC in almost all analyses involving the 42-species phylogeny, while the parsimony method gave the best estimate of the UREC except with data simulated along the highly symmetrical 42-species phylogeny.
According to the fund's management committee, it will not take a larger stake in UREC than that owned by the company's largest single private shareholder.
In other words, the fund's shareholding in UREC is unlikely to top 6.
The fund's management committee said it will ask UREC to hold an investment fund raising event to boost capital, while the government fund will seek at least one seat on the new firm's board of directors.
Attend an optional pre-proposal meeting at UREC, March 17, 2015 @ 1:30 p.
Modify the designs if any changes are required by UREC