URECAUndergraduate Research Experience on Campus (Singapore)
URECAUrban Environment and Childhood Asthma (Inner City Asthma Consortium)
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A previous report from URECA that assessed the microbiome of house dust collected in the first year of life suggested that exposure to certain bacteria during infancy may protect 3-year-olds from recurrent wheezing, a risk factor for developing asthma.
the principal investigator of URECA and a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
In addition, the seven-year URECA results confirm previous research linking development of childhood asthma to recognized risk factors such as prenatal exposure to tobacco smoke and maternal stress and depression.
The URECA investigators are continuing to monitor the children.
gov/news-events/exposure-pet-and-pest-allergens-during-infancy-linked-reduced-asthma-risk) URECA report said .
Meanwhile, URECA continues to monitor the group for more information on which early-life factors influence the development of asthma, a disease that affects more than (https://www.
c) Unit of Research in Applied Economics: URECA, Faculty of Economics and Management, University ofSfax, Airport Road Km 4, Sfax 3018, Tunisia
Younes Boujelbene, Profeesor, Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax, Laboratory URECA, University of Sfax, Street of Airport, km 4.