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URFAUniversity of Regina Faculty Association (Canada)
URFAUrban Residential Finance Authority (Atlanta, GA)
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La zona es un hervidero de yihadistas, apunta Kaplan: "Hasta en la capital provincial, Urfa, se ve a muchos barbudos hablando lenguas extranjeras".
Anti-regime media outlets Sunday said the commander of the Raqqa Rebels Brigade survived an assassination attempt in Urfa, Turkey.
The buildings at Gobekli, a hilltop just outside of the Turkish city of Urfa, were found in 1995 by Klaus Schmidt of the German Archaeological Institute and colleagues from the Sanliurfa Museum in Turkey.
The convoy, which was sent off from the Turkish capital of Ankara with a ceremony last Friday, visited Kirikkale, Kirsehir, Nevsehir, Kayseri, Kahramanmaras, Adiyaman, Urfa, Mardin, Gaziantep, Hatay, Adana and Mersin during its journey across Turkey and arrived in TRNC on Tuesday.
The plant, based at Urfa in the south east of the country, will boast a combined output of 135MW from the seven engines, pushing Turkey's Wartsila generating capacity to more than 3GW.
A sampling of topics includes the meaning of the poetic inscriptions at the Alhambra; Ibn al-Sufi's poem on the stars and its origins; Byzantine architectural aspects and survivals in Urfa, Turkey; and the shrine of the Ismail'i poet Nasir Khusraw in Yumgan, Afghanistan.
Perwer was born in 1955 in a village between Diyarbekir and Urfa, in Kurdistan Turkey.
Front row, from left), Nitin Lawrence, Reema Lawrence and Margaret Donkor; (back row) Urfa Kamran, Nasreen Gill, Kamran Bhatti and Vanessa Robinson.
For the University of Regina Faculty Association's president, Dorothy Lane, the release boded ill for the dozen-or-so grievances that URFA has filed against FNUC in the wake of the coup; if FNUC can ignore a Court of Queen's Bench ruling, what will the college say if and when other rulings go against it?
The fervor of the singing matches the longing of the lyrics: "I beseech you, my little gazelle / Don't go to the cloudy mountains of Urfa.
In 16 previous matches in both the Urfa Cup and Champions League, Rovers had won just one match, and that a dead-rubber group stage clash in the latter competition against Rosenborg at Ewood Park.