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URGUser Reference Group
URGUniversity Research Grant
URGUtility Retained Generation (utility industry)
URGYou Are Gay
URGUnderway Replenishment Group
URGUnder Represented Group
URGUniversity Research Glassware (Chapel Hill, NC)
URGUnited Recycler's Group
URGUniversity Residence Government
URGUnity Resource Group (private military company; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
URGUniversal Radio Group
URGUnitary Reflection Group
URGUniversal Reference Grid
URGUnleaded Regular Gasoline
URGUnion Radioperiódicos de Guatemala (Union of Guatemalan Radio Shows)
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We waited until we were certain we had all the processes in place to handle a large volume of salvage vehicles," Sharon Galan, URG general manager, comments.
In the last three years of program operation, 40% of URG funds went to the same 11 faculty members.
The URG series is also highly stable under any environmental conditions including sulfuric atmosphere.
While the owners have sold the Touchstone operating company, they will continue to serve as advisors to it and remain invested as General Partners with URG in all current projects, seeing them through to completion.
Major organization : URG "DOBRUSHSKIY KRAY" BELARUS,
MC building, fire PC, UAE, nursing homes, EMS / URG, Lecanut psychiatry pharmacie.
URG is a company that locates gas lines so that construction workers don't damage them," Anderson said.
Verifica-se, entretanto, que apenas um de seus docentes, Dante de Laytano, pertencia ao quadro dos consocios do Instituto e que o movimento entre curso de historia da URGS e IHGRS era inverso ao que se pensou inicialmente: a docencia no curso de historia servia antes como credencial para o posterior ingresso no IHGRS, do que o contrario (RODRIGUES 2002, p.