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URIUniform Resource Identifier
URIUniversal Resource Identifier (web; less common)
URIUniversity of Rhode Island
URIUnited Religions Initiative
URIUpper Respiratory Infection
URIUniform Resource Indicator
URIUniversal Resource Indicator
URIUniversity Research Initiative
URIUnified Resource Identifier
URIUnidad de Reacción Inmediata (Spanish: Immediate Reaction Unit; Colombia)
URIUniversity Reactor Instrumentation
URIUnidad Regional Independiente
URIUniform Random Interleaver
URIUser Premises Equipment Regulatory Issues
URIUnsatisfactory Rotational Index
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URI said it is progressing towards production at the project, subject to receipt of all project permits and completion of development financing.
Since 1977, URI has produced over eight million pounds of uranium in Texas by in-situ recovery methods.
Whereas ongoing antibiotic therapy appears to increase the chances that an acne patient will develop a URI, the development of similar infections in household contacts is most likely owing to direct transmission of the pathogen and not to any increased susceptibility related to the patient's antibiotic use, as some have hypothesized.
With that in mind, URI is looking to make use of new sorting technology as it becomes available.
Then, too, there were URI graduations, which had become known for being bacchanal celebrations complete with students passing bottles while listening to the commencement address.
I would encourage local groups of interfaith organizations across Canada to link up with the URI," Bishop Ingham said.
But the URI search committee spent so much time on the details, it missed the overall picture.
The primary purpose of the reverse split was to bring URI into compliance with NASDAQ's $1.
As part of the agreement, URI will acquire an undivided 100% interest in the Sal Rica project, subject to a 2% net smelter return royalty (NSR), from Mesa.
4 September 2012 - US-based Uranium Resources Inc (NASDAQ:URRE), or URI, said on Tuesday it had finalised the purchase of private uranium explorer Neutron Energy Inc via a USD38.
URI GELLER was left a little flustered yesterday when BBC Radio Ulster presenter STEPHEN NOLAN questioned his psychic powers.