URICAUniversity of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale
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Lord Jones said URICA had been founded by financial grandee Lindsay Whitelaw, who previously launched one of the city's most respected fund managers, Artemis.
One recent study demonstrated the psychometric validity and reliability of several measures associated with the TTM, including the URICA for individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders (Nidecker, DiClemente, Bennett & Bellack 2008).
The URICA yields scores on each of four scales: Precontemplation, Contemplation, Action, and Maintenance, or each of the stages of change described by Prochaska, DiClemente & Norcross (1992).
Regarding readiness to change, the composite URICA score indicated that study participants who stayed in treatment more than 30 days had a higher mean compared to those who stayed less than 30 days.
Model 3 includes the readiness to change composite score from the URICA.
The bivariate and multivariate models indicate that a wide range of factors, including age, race/ethnicity, types of substance abuse disorders, ASI-medical, employment, and psychiatric measures, and readiness to change measured by URICA scores, are significantly associated with of treatment retention.
Development and Validation of the URICA for Vocational Counseling
This paper focuses on the development and validation of the URICA-Vocational Counseling (URICA-VC), a brief measure for stage classification based on the URICA.
The supplier can get paid immediately, while the customer gets up to 75 days (or 90 days for an international client) to settle with URICA.
Lindsay Whitelaw, co-founder of Artemis Investment Management which manages more than PS18bn of funds, is behind URICA and Lord Digby Jones, former minister for trade and investment, is an ambassador.
With URICA we've come up with a way for them to help smaller businesses without paying for it with their own cash flow.