URITUndergraduate Research Implementation Team
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Paul W McGillick, electronic warfare marketing manager for Metric Systems, said he hoped the Navy would become interested in the URITS equipment, since JTCTS is behind schedule.
The cost of leasing a URITS pod is between $170,000 and $200,000.
The Urits pod has been acquired by the US Air Force to equip F-15, F-16 and A-10 units throughout Europe and the Middle East.
URITS technology ensures that our pilots remain the finest and best trained in the world," said Thomas Keenan, President & CEO of Integrated Defense Technologies.
The URITS is now providing air combat training for all U.
Metric delivered the first URITS to the 493rd Fighter Squadron at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom on 20 May 1999, just 90 days after contract award.
Lieutenant Colonel John Jannazo, Director of the USAF Range Instrumentation System Program Office at Eglin AFB, FL, also lauded the system, saying, "The URITS program, from contract award to placing combat training in the hands of the warfighter, has been a benchmark program for the entire government/industry range instrumentation team.