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The Jewish community needs more of these opportunities for us to come together across geography, movements, and perspectives to learn together," said Rabbi Bradley Solmsen of the URJ.
Embraced by a foreword from Eric Yoffie and an afterword by Rick Jacobs, the current president of the URJ, The New Reform Judaism enjoys the sanction of the movement.
Incorporating URJ Values into Camp Experiences (Personal communication during summer consultation).
New York: URJ Press, 2004 (Union for Reform Judaism, 633 Third Ave.
The Torah: A Women's Commentary (New York: URJ Press and Women of Reform Judaism, 2008), p.
Under the current circumstances, it is hard to imagine the URJ rejecting the membership application of a humanistic congregation, as it did back in 1994.
As URJ President Eric Yoffie notes in his Afterword, American Jews like other Americans are pragmatists, not ideologues.
He comments that, "I should note that it's been tough to get support for doing studies of Reform Jews--from either the URJ or by prominent Reform Jews.
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