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URLSUltrafast Raman Loss Spectroscopy
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It identifies thousands of new phishing URLs each day using a robust combination of Recurrent Pattern Detection(TM) technologies, phishing URL logic, and human analysis by CYREN GlobalView(TM) Security Lab researchers.
The testing made by the PhishMe duo involved URLs with 30 to 40 characters in length, and 60 to 70 characters in length.
One catch to the customer URLs, however,according to website Mashable, is that Google says in the fine print that it might start charging for them some day.
Or, in the case of short URLs, the service that provides the connection, via the code I mentioned above, closes down.
Marshal said anti-spam products such as its MailMarshal, which can extract the URL from the spam message and check it against a URL blacklist, have lowered the volume of spam incorporating clickable URL links.
Note: This will not get you in trouble with Google's "No redirect" policy, because they allow the listed URL to differ from the actual linked-to page--which we've kept as the old non-re-directed URL.
URL change notification: always a challenge is keeping up with changing URLs.
If the URL has just been announced and you get a blank screen, the site owners probably haven't planned adequately for high traffic and didn't format the site so you can see text before large graphics load.
Web analytics integration: The solution unifies Web analytics for pages that may be available under both longer Web site related URLs as well as the shortened URLs, while providing a breakout of the traffic.
One quality that helps to set the Xtreme URLs apart, he said, is that they are not case sensitive.
With dynamic content, data is retrieved from back-end databases, so URLs are built with a number of parameters, represented by special characters such as %, ?