URMISUniform Retail Meat Identity Standards
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Retailers can find more information about the new URMIS nomenclature system on www.
Fleming and Michael Uetz, principal with Chicago-based Midan Marketing, which conducted the study, outlined the new qualitative and quantitative consumer research that identified key consumer issues with meat cuts and set the stage for the development of a more simplified, consumer-friendly URMIS.
To begin, Yost suggests adapting to URMIS coding and looking to industry associations and suppliers for consumer data.
Despite the development of the URMIS coding standard for all meat products, there are still benefits to be achieved from RSS.
Although the meat industry has a standard coding structure called URMIS to address the limited number of codes and achieve a consistent coding structure, it is still hard pressed to handle all the branding of products.
We have been working for about six years to develop URMIS (Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards) because retailers all have different ways of coding meat products," Lambert says.