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URSAUniversity Records System Access (UCLA)
URSAUniversal Rehabilitation Service Agency (est. 1985; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
URSAUniversal Resource Sharing Application
URSAUbiquitous and Robust Access (computer networking)
URSAUndergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities
URSAUnbundled Regional Service Area (New Zealand)
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Once you have found Polaris, you will also have found the tip of the tail of Ursa Minor - the Little Bear.
URSA MAJOR is named after the constellation, as the corridor has almost the same shape.
With ascending prize pools, fantastic URSA CORPs content, and a live World Finals event looming - yeah, I'd say it's a great time to be a HoN eSports fan.
Under the Ursa Major flag, the operation had run into all kinds of trouble.
Finding the appropriate property with river access was critical, so when the right land became available, it was clear to the Ursa Co-op that it was time to act.
Ursa Major has made great strides since making his racecourse debut in March.
Ursa Major could be final leg of a treble for Murtagh, who has solid claims in the seven furlong handicap with Billyford.
For Team Ursa Major, the first of several rounds of challenge "playoffs" begin on March 8-10 at the Baltimore Convention Center.
We're delighted Ursa Development has once again given us the stewardship of their property and we look forward to an equally-successful program with this new offering of homes.
Unlike Ursa Corregidora and the other women in her family, who actively embrace the task of memorializing their sexual exploitation through the traumatic narratives they pass down, men like Tad and Mutt reject the importance of the past and attempt to distinguish themselves from male relatives who lived through slavery.
1, 1983, to Ursa Minor and Ursa Major - Kenda's parent polar bears had come to what was then called the New England Science Center from a zoo in Colorado - she was our well-cared-for Arctic wonder, frisky or lazy, always lovely, and adored just for being her and being here.
ukAccording to Reuters, Russia-based Ursa Bank (URSA_p.