URSAFFUnion Pour Le Recouvrement des Cotisations de La Sécurité Sociale et des Allocations Famiales (Social Security)
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New customers included Airfacts, Brazil Postal Services, Delta Electronics Public, EFG Bank, Finansalife Assurance, Microchip Technology, National Guard, Pacific Healthcare, Petrobras, Rabobank, State of Alabama, Scripps Networks, Sungard, University of Pittsburgh, URSAFF, and Vodafone.
Repeat Business -- Current customers like National Guard, Rabobank, Thao Airways and URSAFF have expanded their use of Exaprotect offerings to close the security management loop, and embrace log management, security threat detection, and network security configuration change management.
France: Lancaster (Meal Pass, 250 beneficiaries); URSAFF (Meal Pass, 300 beneficiaries)