URSPUrban Studies and Planning (study course; miscellaneous universities)
URSPUnité de Recherche pour le Pilotage des Systèmes Pédagogiques (French: Research Unit for Monitoring Education Systems; Switzerland)
URSPUndergraduate Research Scholars Program (various schools)
URSPUniversity Research Support Program (University of New South Wales; Australia)
URSPUnified Rating Scale for Parkinsonism (neuropsychiatry)
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However, despite an increase in the number of applications, the URSP has not made significant impacts on students who did not already see themselves as positively inclined toward participating in research.
Thus, OSCAR budgets approximately $625 per student per year, which means that we can fund three work-study research assistants in place of one URSP student.
Povezava na dokument Nakup poslovnih prostorov URSP predhodno informativno obvestilo, Priloga 1 specifikacije na http//www.