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URTUnreal Tournament (gaming)
URTUrban Terror (computer game)
URTUpper Respiratory Tract
URTUnified Rear Triangle (mountain bike suspension)
URTUser Registration Tool
URTUnderwater Recovery Team
URTUranium de Retraitement (French: Uranium Reprocessing)
URTUniform Rate of Tax
URTUrban Rail Transit
URTUser Requirements Table
URTUniversal Remote Terminal
URTUndergraduate Remote-Pilot Training (Air Force Unmanned Aerial Systems)
URTUnit Recruit Training
URTUnreadable ID Tag
URTUser Revalidation Tool (IBM Corp.)
URTUniversal Running Tool (subsea drilling)
URTUltimate Road Trip
URTSurat Thani, Thailand (Airport Code)
URTUltimate Racing Technology (gaming)
URTUncertainty Reduction Theory (communicative behavior theory)
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Additionally, the URT system treats entire refrigerators to separate metals, plastic and de-gassed polyurethane foam insulation into high-quality streams of fine and uniformly sized granules, enabling ARCA to generate significantly greater revenues from the sales of byproducts in markets where a URT system has been installed at one of the company's regional recycling facilities.
Bridging the URT interpersonal literature and the individual and organizational levels of analyses found within group and organizational communication, Kramer identifies two main concepts that focus the TMU model's development: current understanding of the uncertainty reduction processes recognizes that uncertainty reduction processes and communication processes are not the same, and recognition that multiple motives influence communication interaction and information seeking in interpersonal and organizational settings (pp.
Aside from the previously mentioned radiocarbon dates for Urt Bulagyn, the project has dated one small khirigsuur (KYR57) in our research area to 1390-910 BC and a much larger one (KYR 119, Figure 9) to 930-785 BC.
3 If the foam from all of those refrigerators was processed through the URT system, the greenhouse gas emissions avoided would be equivalent to the annual CO2-e emissions of more than 2.
In 2008 Averna developed a DVB-T signal generation toolkit for the URT in collaboration with digital TV conformance specialist Digital TV Labs, used to simulate real-world conditions when testing tuner and demodulation video functions in electronic devices.
A 40-foot tall engineering marvel, the URT system - which is the only URT system in North America and the only refrigerator recycling system of this scale in the U.
In Jendouba, URT staged a peaceful march to which took part a large number of trade unionists, lawyers and citizens.
The technology we're investing in - a precise, sealed and fully-automated refrigerator recycling system - will be the first URT system in North America.
FY 16-17: Design Library 2 nd floor patio enclosure for additional shelving and seating ($16,000); Seismic upgrades for Madison and Municipal Co urt buildings (budget TBD).
r s oto urt m ce McDowall said: "It's great they're getting this opportunity but it's a hard learning curve for them as well.
WOUNDED: Simon Best was urt by Ulster's loss last week' HUGE TASK: Ulster coach Mark McCall
URT has been a portfolio company of Milestone since 2005.