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URYUruguay (ISO Country code)
URYUniversity Radio York (UK)
URYUnion Railway of Memphis
URYGurayat Regional Airport (Saudi Arabia, IATA code)
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Once she asked for a particular ballad, which she said her Ury (who was yawning in a great chair) doted on; and at intervals she looked round at him, and reported to Agnes that he was in raptures with the music.
After almost four decades of work in conflict areas such as the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East and Chechnya, Ury said he realized that,"The secret to peace is us.
To illustrate the point, Ury details a particularly tense mediation session in which the president of a country shouted angrily at him.
Ury Developments, part of Edinburgh and Dunfermline FM Group, said construction on the Au40million project is due to get under way in the next few weeks.
Square was a great solution for cash-only businesses that wanted to accept credit cards," Ury wrote in an email response to questions.
Ury L, Getting Past No, Negotiating in Difficult Situations, Bantam Books, New York, NY, 2007.
Ury explains how a Positive No represents a marriage of the two most fundamental words in our language: Yes and No.
He got the chance to see first-hand the evolving plans for the exciting redevelopment of Ury House and the estate.
Fisher and Ury use the analogy of an orange being contested for by two parties.
American Meter and Mercury Instruments have created new horizons in measurement and instrume-nation with a new generation of Merc- ury Mini-Max[R] and Mini-AT[R] Correctors that now mount integrally to American Meter's RPM[R] Series Rotary Meters.
Among our speakers were Representative Edward Markey (Democrat, Massachusetts); William Ury, well-known mediator and author of Beyond the Hotline; Robert Bowman, president of the Institute for Space and Security Studies; Mark Gerzon, author of A Choice of Heroes; John Houseman, producer and director; Roger Fisher, leading conflict resolution specialist; Bob Scheer, Los Angeles Times writer and frequent peace columnist and orator; Ann Cahn, director of the Committee for National Security; Norman Corwin, radio documentarian; Ted Turner, network executive; Gordon Adams, senior researcher of the Council on Economic Priorities; and Michael Pertschuk, former chair of the Federal Trade Commission.
Trading development director Xavier Ury stressed the franchise was only suitable for high traffic locations in more affluent areas of large towns and cities.