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Of course, the other major player in this equation is US Wheat Associates, which is the organization responsible for lobbying for and protecting the interests of US wheat farmers.
Black Sea wheat is becoming a powerful force in the region," Richard Prior, US Wheat Associates regional vice president of the Middle East and North Africa, told a grains conference in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.
US Wheat Associates said US wheat exports to the Middle East were expected to remain steady in the year to May 31, capturing around 25 percent of market share.
The Philippine government has a strong case to back the local flour millers' proposal to hike the tariff slapped on imported Turkish flour to 20 percent, as the current Turkish government policies "encourage" dumping, according to the US Wheat Associates.
SHARM EL-SHEIKH: The US expects to capture 25 percent of the wheat market in the Middle East and North Africa in the marketing year 2008/9, a US Wheat Associates official said on Sunday.
3 million tons to the region in 2007/8, Vincent Peterson, vice president of overseas operations at US Wheat Associates, told Reuters, adding that this amounted to about a quarter of the market.