USAASAUniversal Service and Access Agency of South Africa
USAASAUnited States Army Aeronautical Services Agency
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Migwalla said if successful, USAASA funds would be used to source the SmartPhone at a reduced price and to subsidise connectivity rates.
To ensure that these subsidies are adequately distributed, USAASA, is required to firstly develop a criteria by which TV-owning households will qualify for subsidies and secondly to put in place infrastructure, systems and processes to manage the distribution of subsidies to qualifying households and ensure the acquisition of STBs by these households.
In compliance with the law, USAASA issued proposed qualifying criteria for public comments in October 2014 with the closing date being 30 November 2014.
Furthermore, USAASA will embark on a national roadshow between 22 January and 28 February 2015 for further engagements with interested parties on this project.