USACAUnited States of America Cricket Association
USACAUnited States Advanced Ceramics Association
USACAUniversidad Santiago de Cali (Spanish)
USACAUnited States Air Consolidators Association
USACAUniversity Students AIDS Control Association (University of Nairobi)
USACAUnited States A-Class Catamaran Association
USACAUS Allied Commission for Austria
USACAUnited States Army Correctional Activity
USACAUtah School Age Care Alliance
USACAUnited Support Against Communism in the Americas
USACAUndergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activities
USACAUnion Santiago Apostol de Cagueyeros Ausentes (Spanish)
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The Board, which has been kept abreast of developments at each stage of the process, does not believe USACA genuinely exercises authority over the sport in the USA and that it instead, for a variety of reasons, presides over a severely fractured community with only a small number of cricket leagues subscribing to its membership and the vast majority not choosing to join the federation.
The event was not sanctioned by USACA and the players did not have No Objection Certificates from the PCB.
As per to the WICB, this partnership will result in top players from the USACA member leagues being incorporated into regional development programmes which will also help both parties foster cooperation on "stronger economic best practices" for the United States market.
Battalion leaders should be trained on the ICS, and they should provide training for the USACA staff.
The suspension means that USACA will not be entitled to receive any ICC funding nor will it be entitled to determine whether cricket matches and events staged in the US should have the status of approved or disapproved cricket.
Following a report on recent correspondence and discussions between the ICC and the USA Cricket Association (USACA), the ICC Board decided that it was not satisfied that USACA is compliant with all of its obligations under the ICC membership criteria and constitution.
Avoiding the ban would allow USACA and national team representation at ICC events in the immediate future, including the World T20 Qualifier to be played in Ireland and Scotland this summer.
Greenidge's league was one of 32 out of the 47 USACA member leagues denied the right to vote in April's USACA elections.
It's correct that the USACA have not received any 2012 grants as they don't meet the membership criteria.
Earlier, USACA Chief Executive Donald Lockerbie had said that the series has the potential to help grow and develop the game in the U.
Meanwhile, USACA Chief Executive Donald Lockerbie believes the series has the potential to help grow and develop the game in the U.
The Pakistan team is already planning to tour the US later this year, with the USACA having offered to host a series between them and India.