USACAPOCUnited States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
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Pyes were dubious that going through the public affairs channel would greatly aid the war effort, although both reporters were grateful to the great men and women of USACAPOC for leaking the e-mail.
Those we spoke with included current and past members of the 20th Special Forces Group, USACAPOC, intelligence officers, and senior diplomats.
The reconstitution site as a whole serves as USACAPOC (A)'s program manager for the reset and recapitalization programs.
With USACAPOC (A), vehicles are reset at an assigned Army depot.
On 13 December 2002, the Army Forces Command identified Fort Bragg as the single mobilization station for all USACAPOC (A) units.
Since USACAPOC (A) first deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom in January 2003, the following reset, recapitalization, and reconstitution actions have been taken--
USACAPOC soldiers maintain the highest standards of training and physical readiness in order to be prepared to deploy anywhere in the world on short notice.
CIBER's Federal practice provides the skilled outsourcing support that clients like the USACAPOC can depend on now and as priorities change," said Ron Smith, Vice President and Area Director for CIBER's Federal Outsourcing Division.