USACIDCUnited States Army Criminal Investigation Command (US DoD)
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need, the triggering mechanism to obtain support is simple--"[w]hen particular expertise is required to process crime scenes, the presence of laboratory examiners may be requested by USACIDC supervisors from the
17, 1971, USACIDC was redesignated as a direct reporting unit Oct.
Army Crime Records Center, also collocated with CID headquarters, supports not only USACIDC and the DOD, but also foreign, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
The CIIAC, ATOIC, INSCOM IOC, and USACIDC will integrate information based on a common understanding of long- and short-term threat streams, CONUS I&W, and threat levels based on the use of SEAS and other advanced analytic tools.
Army Counterintelligence Center, USACIDC Analysis Center, INSCOM's Information Dominance Center ), the MACOM's ISR cell, and other installations.
Additionally, a Major installation requires five USACIDC analysts to supply the needed criminal intelligence analysis and law-enforcement planning capability to the IOC.
USACIDC has that reporting responsibility, according to AR 52513.
in Economic Crime Investigations, USACIDC Pam 195-8.