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USACILUnited States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory
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That way we can coordinate with one another to generate investigative leads that help solve crimes," said Mike Mann, a CODIS technician at USACIL.
192) The TC, familiar with the capabilities of USACIL from a prior case, requested USACIL's presence.
48) Thus, if USACIL subsequently determines that the substance found in SGT Smith's room contained one of the illegal spice compounds prohibited by the CSA, the proper charge would be a violation of Article 112a.
Until recently, investigators also had to ship all of their evidence back to the States for processing at USACIL.
127) To support the effort to fully investigate allegations of sexual assault, USACIL hired thirty-two additional forensic examiners and specialists to handle the projected increased workload and instituted additional "robotics and automation enhancements for DNA forensic work, and a new laboratory information management system (LIMS), which increases the capabilities of the examiners yielding quicker response times to evidence processing.
114) The USACIL generated a report stating that the substance seized was marijuana.