USACOEUnited States Army Corps Of Engineers
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The USACOE requires the Town to perform megger testing annually.
The second of the wetland areas, a constructed wetland built by USACOE, TPWD, and Ducks Unlimited to increase waterfowl habitat is located to the southeast (downriver) of the reference wetland.
Once identified, vegetation was characterized at each observation point along each transect utilizing the following methodology as modified from USACOE (1987) and Brower et al.
This work was funded by USACOE, Fort Worth District.
Review of permit submittals for USACOE, MLSWCD, McHenry County SMO, or IDNR-OWR
This will guarantee TRA sufficient revenue to make annual payments due to the USACOE through the year 2039 when the federal obligation will be paid in full.
This is a continuing CIP project to address the infrastructure of the flood protection project constructed jointly by the USACOE and the City of Virginia Beach.