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USAFUnited States Air Force
USAFUnited States Armed Forces (less common)
USAFUnited States Aikido Federation
USAFUnited Student Aid Funds
USAfUnited States of Africa (political concept)
USAFUK Student Accommodation Fund
USAFUpper St. Anthony Falls (lock on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN)
USAFUnited States Armwrestling Federation
USAFUnited States Arbitrage Finance II, LLC
USAFUS Aircraft Finance
USAFUniversity of South Alabama Foundation
USAFUnited States of America Football
USAFUniversal Service and Access Fund
USAFUnited States Aerobatic Foundation, Inc. (Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas)
USAFUdayani Social Action Forum (Calcutta, India)
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Established in December 2006, USAF has raised equity capital totalling over GBP 950m from UK and European institutional property investors on a periodic basis to raise funds for acquisitions and to manage leverage.
We have recently released two important documents in our strategic document series--America's Air Force: A Call to the Future, which is the USAF's strategic vision, and the USAF Strategic Master Plan (SMP), which translates that conceptual strategy into comprehensive guidance, goals, and objectives.
Sixteenth Air Force had been the first to employ the expeditionary wing concept, which rotated preselected USAF organizations for more predictable deployments overseas.
A practice manual detailing the implementation of PCBH in USAF primary care clinics was developed (United States Air Force Medical Operations Agency, 2002) and a "train the trainers" approach was used to disseminate a consistent model of care.
USAF facilities worldwide will use an array of HP platforms, including HP Workstations and HP Compaq 6005 Business Pro PCs that combine high performance, energy efficiency and security features.
Nayyer will become one of more than 4,000 students who will receive an accredited Bachelor of Science degree after an intensive four-year curriculum of study at the USAF Academy.
Founded in 1988, USAF began its Coaching Academy earlier this decade; for six years the program was executed in an open-arms, albeit costly, manner.
Loren Thompson, a defence consultant, said a large group of USAF acquisition experts had reached that conclusion after a marathon session at the Pentagon.
South, Muskogee, 74401--GSA/PBS $143,861; USAF for NAICS 237130 $244,000
SGLS is the current Department of Defense (DoD) and USAF telemetry, tracking and command standard, and USB will be the telemetry tracking channel employed on many of the next-generation USAF satellites.
We work with all of them to build air force-to-air force relationships that produce tactical and operational concepts compatible with USAF CONOPS.
Music supports the larger mission of the USAF by preserving and promoting our national heritage through a variety of musical products.