USAFAUnited States Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO, USA)
USAFAUnited States Air Force Auxiliary (CAP Civil Air Patrol)
USAFAUnited States Army Field Artillery
USAFAUnited States Australian Football Association
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Dusch, Command Historian, USAFA for providing his detailed lessons notes that guided my research.
Given the large number of required meteorology courses USAFA cadets take their senior year (five), it is reasonable to expect some confusion.
As part of this course, four USAFA cadets (two male and
In this article, I share my experiences to date and articulate the steps we are taking to build an inclusive organizational culture at USAFA.
The concept of knowledge for knowledge's sake sets academia apart from the DLI or even the USAFA insofar as universities have no mandate to produce two dozen Dari linguists in six months.
Not every Christian cadet at USAFA engages in the kind of behavior you'll read about.
Oregon's Pavlina Smatova and Julie Metzger will play in bracket championship matches at the USAFA Invitational women's tennis tournament today.
Colonel Marttala holds a bachelor of science degree in international affairs from the USAFA and master's degrees in public administration from the University of Arizona and in military studies from Marine Corps University.
The students were guided in their daily activities by USAFA cadets majoring in engineering and were exposed to topics such as--
In the course of USAFA research, among the many activities, tests have been conducted for bistatic RCS.
As a humanist, activist, and supporter of church-state separation, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the several articles concerning religion and the USAFA in the Humanist ("The Right to Religious Expression at the Air Force Academy" by Carlos Bertha, "The One True Religion in the Military" by James E.