USAFEUnited States Air Forces in Europe
USAFEUtah Safety Awareness and Fire Educators (Murray, UT)
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Ghedi AB, USAFE DSN 314-632-7301, commercial 011-39-030-904-2725.
Martin, then the commander of USAFE, received a request to deploy the 86th Contingency Response Group (CRG) to Kyrgyzstan.
Currently, USAFE evaluates its own infrastructure, such as explosives-sited holding areas or the number of war reserve materiel shipping containers necessary for theater-wide munitions shipments.
The introduction of civilian maintenance and management is currently in abeyance until USAFE decides if it will withdraw its emitter simulators as part of the general US draw down in Europe.
Wearing his hat as commander of US European Command (USEUCOM), General Ralston asked Gen Gregory "Speedy" Martin, his air component commander for NATO's Allied Forces North (AIRNORTH) and the USAFE commander at Ramstein Air Base (AB), Germany, for his analysis of the situation.
19) General Herhudt von Rohden had returned to Germany when HQ USAFE sought his aid.
The Intelligence Correlation Element (ICE) is a software development which captures the all-source design from the ASAS/ENSCE VAX- based system and translates it to a system compatible with the IBM-based automated data processing (ADP) environment at sites in both PACAF and USAFE.
USAFE, however, remained the responsible organization, even after MATS aircraft, equipment, and personnel began arriving in huge numbers and a MATS general, Tunner, took operational command.
E-mail, 86th CRG/CD to USAFE/HO, "RE," March 6, 2003; Spreadsheet, "Bashur PID103IR," 86AMS, May 9, 2003; Spreadsheet, "PERSCO Roster," 86AMS, April 19, 2003; Report, 86th CRG/CC, "86CRG Roster," Mar 14, 2003; Report, 86th CRG Deputy Commander, "CRG HQs staff," Mar 15, 2003; E-mail, USAFE AMOCC/ XOPC to USAFE/HO, "FW: Bashur M&M Ver 4," Mar 18, 2003.
USAFE DSN 314-226 1110, commercial (from CONUS) 011 (44-1638) 52-3000.
Air Force in 1947, General Estes rose to Assistant Chief of Staff Plans at USAFE.
The activation of the [new wing] will provide USAFE with a wing of functional experts dedicated to supporting of U.