USAFFEUnited States Army Forces Far East
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8) USAFFE Regulations 1-30, which was issued under the command of General MacArthur and signed by General Sutherland as Chief of Staff, 5 June 1944.
In the South West Pacific Area (SWPA), General MacArthur's headquarters assumed responsibility for positive intelligence relating to operations, while the rear echelon USAFFE (United States Armed Forces Far East) in Australia was given responsibility for denying vital information to the enemy: the CIC was the agency directed to undertake the counterintelligence task.
Thorpe was given the position of Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 (Intelligence), USAFFE, and remained chief of the section and director of counter intelligence throughout the war.
While the plan was to have multiple radars to provide the sensor portion of the Philippine air defense system, USAFFE had to make do with what was on hand until all the radar sets arrived from the States.
USAFFE was essentially on a war-time footing and was prepared to act accordingly, with all fighter aircraft on 24-hour alert and armed since November 15, the radar at Iba also went to 24-hour operations at the end of November.
USAFFE received official confirmation of the state of war at 0530.
Two pilots flying their first missions under Dyess dropped ammunition to cut-off USAFFE men at Jones, northern Luzon, followed by two others dropping pamphlets in central Luzon and finally Dyess and Golden repeating the pamphlet operation.
USAFFE reports that we sank 32,000 tons of shipping on the 2nd, good toll for one plane we lost, even if USAFFE doesn't admit it.
On November 5, he presented MacArthur with the latest amendments to Rainbow 5 and, in turn, learned that the training and mobilization schedule for USAFFE was based upon the conviction that nothing would take place before April 1, 1942.
Marshall specifically authorized USAFFE to undertake aggressive aerial reconnaissance.
Consequently, by the time the War Department passed responsibility for developing the route west of the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia to USAFFE on October 27, MacArthur had already begun site surveys.