USAFFEUnited States Army Forces Far East
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This plan was, however, not carried out because of the frequent attacks of USAFFE guerrillas in Ormoc.
Thorpe was given the position of Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 (Intelligence), USAFFE, and remained chief of the section and director of counter intelligence throughout the war.
Behind schedule in just about every category, USAFFE still forged ahead with their nascent air defense system.
Not understanding Ilonggo, the soldiers misunderstood the watchman's signs and believing that the owner of the hacienda was a member of the USAFFE who had gone to the mountains, the soldiers felt that they had a right to everything within the premises.
Garcia implicated the USAFFE to the foiled NAIA bombing when he appeared before the Senate Finance Committee to press for the approval of his agency's proposed P95.
The War Department determined to send USAFFE four heavy bombardment groups by April 1942, the earliest that most leaders believed the Japanese would attack.
In Bataan and Corregidor, they used pamphlets and radio broadcasts to urge USAFFE soldiers to surrender.
My late uncle was a USAFFE soldier and World War II veteran.
Eugenio Luga Surriga, eldest grandson; the first soldier in the family to enter the US Army, serving the USAFFE during World War II; Sgt.