USAFIUnited States Armed Forces Institute
USAFIUnited States Air Force Intelligence
USAFIUnited States Air Force Instruction
USAFIUnited States Air Force Institution
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Noting the near impossibility of recapturing full details of the USAFI enterprise or even determining the ultimate disposition of what materials it produced, Hall comments, "[s]uch information would be available, if at all, only through the archives of the Department of Defense or the National Archives in Washington, D.
3) The USAFI lasted until the early 1970s, at which time its functions were taken over by a program known as DANTES, for 'Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support' ("Q: What is DANTES?
While recovering from trench foot in English hospitals, I completed an all-time record number of USAFI [US Armed Forces Institute] correspondence courses--20 in 15 months, later depicted in Robert L.