USAFWSUnited States Air Force Weapons School
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The Air Force places great emphasis on developing highly qualified tactical-level talent in the form of graduates from the USAFWS.
The WI2B should be physically located at the USAFWC for two primary reasons: (1) all weapons officers spend some time at Nellis, where the USAFWC is located, so throughout the USAFWS course, they could easily be exposed to the branch, its people, and processes for integration and innovation; and (2) the WI2B aligns with the current USAFWC mission statement and priorities by allowing the USAFWC to remain abreast of operational-level issues and future plans, yet stay grounded and supportive of the tactical level by focusing on today's conflicts.
Major Wachter is a graduate of the USAFWS, Squadron Officer School, Army Command and General Staff College, and the Air Force School of Advanced Air and Space Studies.