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USAIDUnited States Agency for International Development
USAIDAgencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (Spanish)
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The Administrator also informed the partners that last week he launched his Action Alliance for Preventing Sexual Misconduct, under the leadership of USAID General Counsel David Moore, which will conduct an internal review of USAID's policies and oversight practices in this area, and make recommendations for changes.
With the aim of promoting and developing this sector, from the point of view of investors and farmers, the USAID's project 'Investing in the Energy Sector - USAID EIA'', USAID/Sweden FARMA II project and GIZ Renewable Energy Promotion (GIZ ProRE) held a workshop in TesliA titled "Biogas power plants - an investment opportunity for the agricultural sector".
Participants were introduced to the USAID HESN programme, a partnership between USAID and top universities from the US, designed to channel the ingenuity of university students, researchers, and faculty towards global development.
In Azerbaijan, the Assistant Administrator will meet with representatives from USAID-supported programs and government officials, and will visit USAID activities focused on rural community development and agriculture, according to the message.
USAID will continue to support the Sindh government in its efforts to institutionalize evidence based care.
In September 2016, the USAID entered into a 15-year partnership agreement with fprivate commercial banks in Pakistan to establish a loan guarantee facility to support clean energy projects.
The official claimed that in Punjab, USAID small grants have created safe learning environment for girls, established special schools and accelerated learning programmes for out-of-school girls, besides initiating training programmes for teachers.
As a national inspiration and international sports champion, Mahmudullah will be a powerful force and inspiring voice in working with USAID to raise awareness and mobilize youth to achieve core development objectives in Bangladesh.
How is USAID working to improve the skills of the labour force to address the current skills mismatch i n the labour market?
The WLB, USAID said, would provide capital to a group of microfinance institutions and social enterprises that would help women with low-income build or enhance their own businesses.
The USAID agribusiness project worked with both small farmers and larger producers to increase productivity and quality while reaching new domestic and international markets.
Through this partnership, we will be able to come up with more innovative mobile solu- tions in energy, health, educa- tion, governanceand agriculture sectors by using our technological infrastructure, powered by imperative content integration from USAID," said Michael Foley, CEO, Telenor Pakistan.