USAIMUniversity of Seychelles - American Institute of Medicine (Fort Wayne, IN)
USAIMUnited States Association for International Migration (Washington, DC)
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This means listening to the migrants while also ensuring there is a gender-balanced representation around the table, said Luca DallOglio, CEO of USAIM for IOM.
DallOglio also introduced new projects that USAIM for IOM will be supporting such as the production of a pilot podcast series, telling the moving story of an 18-year-old Iraqi from Bagdad to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
USAIM represents LTC Global's second substantial South Florida LTCi agency acquisition, and fifth agency acquisition overall, since March 2007.
USAIM is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States that aims to broaden public awareness, mobilize private sector resources, and promote best practices in support of domestic and international programs benefiting migrants, displaced persons, and families.