USAMMCEUnited States Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe
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PM J-AIT integrated a commercial sensor application with the RF-ITV server and upgraded the ITV network nodes with sensor read capabilities along the demonstration's distribution routes from USAMMCE to final destinations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The demonstrations at Sierra Army Depot and USAMMCE and in the CENTCOM AO have paved the way for future MEMS and sensor tag implementations.
The TempTale Monitor Control system is a Microsoft Access-based program that allows USAMMCE to monitor, track, and provide clinical disposition on all cold-chain material received by and shipped from the USAMMCE distribution center.
The TempTale Monitor Control system provides USAMMCE with the capability to anticipate packaging needs by learning from the historical data collected and empowers it to further benefit its customers.
USAMMCE has always been on the forefront of developing cold-chain packing protocols.