USAMPUnited States Automotive Materials Partnership
USAMPUnited States Army Mine Planter
USAMPUnited States Association of Mortgage Processors
USAMPUnited States Army Maintenance Plant
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The USAMP Magnesium Front End Research and Development Project: Focusing on a Demonstration Structure," Light Met.
AFS Technical Services Vice President Thomas Prucha presented the award to current USAMP Chair Saad Abouzahr, head of organic materials engineering for the Chrysler Group.
The team plans to bring this product opportunity to the attention of the USAMP activity.
Previous efforts to develop the use of magnesium castings in automotive applications resulted in the USAMP Structural Cast Magnesium Development (SCMD) project's successful redesign of the front cradle for the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 from cast aluminum to a cast magnesium design, resulting in a 35% weight reduction.