USAMPSUnited States Army Military Police School
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I want to formally thank Chief Warrant Officer Five Leroy Shamburger for all that he has done during his tenure at USAMPS.
In August 2011, the USAMPS Corrections Training Academy, which is managed by Charlie Company's noncommissioned officers, achieved initial ACA accreditation.
Though taught by the USAMPS, the training is designed for Soldiers from a variety of job specialties.
In closing, it has been an absolute privilege to serve as the USAMPS Command Sergeant Major.
David Phillips, commander of USAMPS, supported and pushed accreditation of the military police school, which included the corrections academy.
CIPS is "some of the best training out there," agreed Special Agent Ronald Meyer, the outgoing chief of the Forensics Training Branch at USAMPS.
In this way, we improve the product departing from USAMPS, we preserve the commander's authority and responsibility for certifying our military police, and we promote Soldier for Life initiatives by better preparing our Soldiers for their lives after the Service.
Spindler, Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment, and Commandant, USAMPS, indicated that the run is one of his favorite events.
USAMPS will use information gained from several task review panels to determine the specific SKAs needed for military police Soldiers.
USAMPS personnel are actively reviewing leader development instructional programs to ensure that we are properly attending to the three tenants of leader development--training, education, and experience.
3) This was no surprise, as MOS 95C was still in its infancy and only a limited number of training courses were available at USAMPS.
In addition, the 3d Military Police Group leverages USAMPS and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center courses to provide advanced educational opportunities for officers and agents.