USAMRICDUnited States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (US DoD)
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To mimic nerve agent exposure, USAMRICD spiked blood samples with variable amounts of soman.
Through a satellite link, senior scientists at USAMRICD can control the computers that run the AMLs gas chromatographs, conduct data analysis, tune the MSD, troubleshoot, and even run samples.
USAMRICD administered Protexia(R) intramuscularly to guinea pigs approximately an hour after they had been exposed to 2X or 5X lethal doses of VX on the skin.
To facilitate the search for safe and effective medical countermeasures to chemical warfare agents, the USAMRICD has developed an extensive drug screening program.
Blood-derived BChE is currently being developed by the USAMRICD for use by military personnel to prevent the toxic effects of nerve agents.
Our partnership with USAMRICD will allow Nexia to learn from USAMRICD's experience and knowledge in the area of medical countermeasures and will guide us through both the research and development aspects of the Protexia(TM) program.