USAMRIIDUnited States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (US DoD)
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senior research scientist in the Viral Immunology Branch at USAMRIID, and co-first author of the study.
The Ivins news came close on the heels of a far quieter announcement on June 27 that the FBI's investigation of the previous top anthrax suspect, Steven Hatfill, also a USAMRIID bioresearcher, ended not with a trial and conviction but with a $5.
USAMRIID has unique capabilities to experiment and treat outbreak pathogens in its biosafety level 4 facilities.
Carrie Vander Linden is the USAMRIID public affairs officer.
After years of developing candidate Ebola vaccines that protected rodents but failed in primates, it is gratifying to have a vaccine that holds great promise for protection of humans," says Peter Jahrling, senior research scientist at USAMRIID.
The license agreement obligates VaxGen to pay USAMRIID an execution fee, patent maintenance fees, anniversary fees, milestones and royalties.
The preventive and therapeutic research conducted by USAMRIID focuses on naturally occurring agents, and not on creating new agents.
This vast potential is now being evaluated in three very important collaborations with the Naval Health Research Center, Max Planck Institute and USAMRIID," stated, Biovest's Chief Science Officer, Mark Hirschel, Ph.
BTF Solutions is currently providing IO&T services under this multiple award task order contract at the Health and Dental Clinic, Camp Zama, Japan; USAMRIID, Ft.
USAMRIID researchers then tested the efficacy of the chemical compound on the Monkeypox virus.
The circumstances surrounding the case are presented, in addition to an update on historical admissions to the medical containment suite at USAMRIID.
SciTech21-13 December 2006-Elusys Therapeutics, USAMRIID Continue Work on Developing Biowarfare Therapeutics(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.