USAMRIIDUnited States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (US DoD)
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The Ivins news came close on the heels of a far quieter announcement on June 27 that the FBI's investigation of the previous top anthrax suspect, Steven Hatfill, also a USAMRIID bioresearcher, ended not with a trial and conviction but with a $5.
Each assay was also tested against 2 USAMRIID DNA panels (see Table 1 of the online Data Supplement), a Yersinia spp.
USAMRIID has unique capabilities to experiment and treat outbreak pathogens in its biosafety level 4 facilities.
Carrie Vander Linden is the USAMRIID public affairs officer.
After years of developing candidate Ebola vaccines that protected rodents but failed in primates, it is gratifying to have a vaccine that holds great promise for protection of humans," says Peter Jahrling, senior research scientist at USAMRIID.
The license agreement obligates VaxGen to pay USAMRIID an execution fee, patent maintenance fees, anniversary fees, milestones and royalties.
According to one USAMRIID scientist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, all of the lab's current employees have been cleared.
The insidious onset of inhalational anthrax makes early diagnosis difficult, but crucial, because once symptoms begin to appear, survivability declines (Friedlander, 1997; USAMRIID, 1996).
Gerald Parker, USAMRIID Commander, according to a Reuters report.
Similar research on the Marburg virus in monkeys is already under way at USAMRIID, says Jonathan E Smith, a virologist at the institute.
Presently, USAMRIID is conducting a preventive vaccine trial as a cooperative effort between the Argentine government and the United States ArmY.