USAMRMCUnited States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
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USAMRMC increased contract awards to small businesses from $285 million in fiscal 2004 to $383 million in fiscal 2005, or about 48 percent of the command's contract awards.
Before going to work for USAMRMC, Maultsby worked in acquisition during a 20-year Army career, retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 2001.
USAMRMC is the Army's medical materiel developer, with lead agency responsibility for medical research, product development, technology assessment and rapid prototyping, medical logistics management and health facility planning and medical information management and technology.
Complete N/A USAMRMC Institutional Review Board: Human Subjects Research Initial Protocol Application Protocol Prepared using the current version of the templates provided by RLNO Part A 1.
The CRADA partners Helius and the USAMRMC in the development of the company's Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator device, a noninvasive brain stimulation device that is being developed for the treatment of balance disorder in patients with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.
The USAMRMC Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) supervises and manages the administration, control, and coordination of all patent, copyright, and trademark activities within MEDCOM, as well as serving as the technology transfer legal technical channel supervisor for all MEDCOM units.
The Commanding General (CG), USAMRMC, has the authority to approve the use of human subjects in other research studies.
Also, the development of ARX-04 beyond Phase 2 and initial preparations for Phase 3 is dependent on additional funding from the USAMRMC or the identification of a partner to support these efforts.
Ms Caldwell is Patent Paralegal at the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, USAMRMC.
The company said that USAMRMC has provided it with a grant to support development of ARX-04 through completion of a Phase 2 study, which is expected to begin in the second half of 2011.
The product managers at USAMMDA guide promising new concepts and technologies developed in the USAMRMC laboratories through advanced development and the regulatory process to obtain U.