USAMUUnited States Army Marksmanship Unit
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Patrick Franks, USAMU, followed Henderson in 2nd with a score of 3521-182x.
After the briefings, all shooters drew weapons from the USAMU arms room and then got on the bus to go to the range.
Thirty-two USAMU Soldiers are international shooters and are vying for a spot on the 2008 U.
The USAMU Soldiers also promote the Army and assist recruiters.
The USAMU Team was one of more than 30 sniper teams from France, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and different branches of the US military.
Other members of the USAMU to make the Olympic shooting team include SFCs Jason Parker and Daryl Szarenski in air rifle and SPC Hattie Johnson in women's air rifle.
The rifles USAMU issues for the course are commercial off-the-shelf Armalite National Match rifles fitted with a Daniel Defense free-float rail and a Harris bipod.
Anti, who joined the Army in January 1988, is attached to the USAMU through the World Class Athlete Program.
Congratulations on your achievements," said USAMU Commander Lt.
A 1982 graduate of the USAMU Sniper Course, he has commanded snipers at scout platoon, Special Forces ODA and company, and battalion levels.
The USAMU Team also won the Marine Corps Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Infantry Trophy team matches.