USAPHCUS Army Public Health Command
USAPHCUnited States Army Primary Helicopter Center
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11) USAPHC Technical Guide 230 (Provisional), Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Chemical Exposure Guidelines for Deployed Military Personnel, June 2010.
HIO draws heavily on USAPHC (Prov)'s medical, technical and health-education professionals to ensure that the information it provides is accurate and up to date.
Beyond the original 26 individuals in the New York Times article, the USAPHC reviewed the medical records of individuals who were known to have been in the same unit of a previously identified exposed service member.
One of the 2 sets used in Afghanistan by the HPSs was a loaner from a USAPHC, while the other was acquired through logistic channels after submitting an operational needs statement.
One area in which USAPHC has a long history of coordinating interdisciplinary health efforts is the human-environment interface.
The Army Institute of Public Health (AIPH) and the USAPHC Regions are available to assist with this process.
Ticks removed from people can be sent to the USAPHC Army Institute of Public Health Entomological Sciences Program through the DoD Human Tick Test Kit Program, which is a free tick identification and testing service for DoD healthcare facilities.
The USAPHC will post communication products, which may be used by the other services, on its e-catalog website: https://usaphcapps.
Currently, USAPHC funds health promotion officers and health promotion research assistants at Army installations that adhere to the standard CHPC model.
The project was supported in part by an appointment to the Research Participation Program for the US Army Public for Health Command (USAPHC) administered by The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education through an agreement between the US Department of Energy and the USAPHC.
Execution and administrative support of the FYGVE Program rests within the USAPHC at the district level.
On February 19, 2013, the Strategy Innovation Office of USAPHC conducted an alternative exercise considering possible future scenarios with over 20 subject matter experts from the USAPHC Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance and the Health Promotion and Wellness Portfolios, and CHAMP.