USAPIUnited States Association of Professional Investigators
USAPIUnited States Associated Pacific Islands
USAPIUnited States Affiliated Pacific Islands
USAPIUnited States Army Peacekeeping Institute
USAPIUnión de Sindicatos y Asociaciones Profesionales Independientes (Spanish: Independent union of Unions and Professional Associations)
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Over the last few years, the USAPI has made great strides toward strengthening individual and collective efforts in tobacco prevention and cessation on the islands - the release of this monograph is the illustration of that work," said Laura Hamasaka, Associate Vice President, Program Development and Priority Populations at Legacy.
Legacy helped sponsor PPFTI's health gathering in 2008 in Hawaii, which was the first comprehensive meeting to bring together governmental tobacco control groups from all USAPI jurisdictions and stakeholders in the faith-based community, traditional leaders (Chiefs), women, and youth, as well as the Pacific Chronic Disease Coalition (PCDC).
Betel nut chewing is prevalent in most jurisdictions of the USAPI, as well as in other parts of the Pacific and Asia; it is the fourth most commonly abused substance in the world after tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.
In order to meet these challenges, the USAPI identified other needs that can help accelerate tobacco prevention and cessation efforts in the region, including:
Another gathering of the PPFTI will occur in 2013 to assess the progress of the USAPI and PPFTI and to discuss ways in which to improve in the future.