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USARUrban Search And Rescue
USARUnited States Army Reserve
USARUSS Arizona Memorial (US National Park Service)
USARUnited Speed Alliance Racing
USARUpdated Safety Analysis Report
USARUAV System Airworthiness Requirements (French DGA)
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Despite the challenges, the USAR is making tremendous strides to achieve audit readiness.
Put differently, the percentage of the total Army budget attributed to the ARNG and USAR would be higher if the portion of active appropriations in the base budget spent on the RCs were included in the calculations.
Under the current USAR force structure, there is no doctrinally coherent operational and functional command tasked with performing training readiness oversight of CBRN units or with ensuring the effective integration of the units (as operational reserve) with Regular Army CBRN assets.
However, operators perceived their skill at guiding the USAR robot through the opening as greater than their performance demonstrated.
The Department of Defense (DOD) and the Army have been aware of these million-dollar pay problems associated with the ARNG and USAR pay system ever since the large RC role in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
All competed regularly with the USAR teams in rifle, pistol or combat matches when not working.
These guidelines are intended as a reference for countries aiming to establish international USAR capabilities.
As fire minister, and a local Member of Parliament, I would like to pay tribute to the fire authority not only for taking on this considerable responsibility but for training one of the most able and enthusiastic USAR teams in the country.
These USAR teams have been raised by NDMA as a result of lessons learnt from Oct, 2005 earthquake.
USAR is being expanded by the Government from nine to 20 dogs.
Detachment 4, 847th PSB, and Detachment 5,376th PSB, provided a wealth of USAR technical expertise that we were able to use across the battalion, especially in the areas of PSS and personnel accountability.