USARAFUnited States Army Africa (formerly Southern European Task Force)
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ACE Mission Shift: The 323rd mi bn ACE began the process of transitioning the current mission set from USARAF to USAREUR, connecting directly with experts in Germany to assume new mission over a major theater mission area while simultaneously beginning to transition USARAF mission to the 207th mib(T) and 337th mi BN (TSB).
Upon arrival, the USARAF RE element engaged with the Liberian government and private corporations to obtain land for the coming support elements.
Under such leadership, the combined efforts of AFRICOM, USARAF, and the 101st G6, along with JCSE, 5th Signal Command, and 35th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade, led to the successful installation of a reliable communications infrastructure, enabling the life-saving efforts of the operation.
A month earlier, in December 2008, Southern European Task Force began its transformation to become USARAF, the Army component to U.
Zambian chaplains brought a wealth of peacekeeping operations deployment experience, from veterans of the Rwandan genocidal period to the present day stresses of Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, said USARAF Command Chaplain (Col.
The 10th Mountain Division SB filled a critical logistics shortfall in the USARAF headquarters, helping to bridge the gap between strategic logistics planning and tactical execution.
Noted earlier, USAFRICOM and USARAF developed the manning requirements through the JOPP with inputs from USAID/OFDA and CDC.
The Engineer Regiment response began by tasking USARAF to provide a civil engineer planner for the USAID team in Monrovia, Liberia.
a senior USARAF noncommissioned officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, knew that understanding both cultural and language issues would be the key to success.
The 259th MCT out of Fort Hood, Texas, will arrive to USARAF in October and fall in on the strategies and tactics pioneered by the 383rd MCT.