USARAKUnited States Army, Alaska
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Making Gray Eagle a reality required USARAK to work closely with DoD-level aviation managers and to solicit recommendations and involvement from the Alaska public through a half-dozen outreach events.
Other assignments include Senior Analyst at USARAK, Special Operations Intelligence LNO, Knowledge Manager for ARSOUTH G2, and Production Chief for CJTF-7 and V Corps.
42) FORT RILEY CP SOP, supra note 32, at 4; USARAK CP SOP, supra note 32, at 3.
We planned the armed escort requirements according to USARAK Regulation 190-1, Appendix G.
The 17th CSSB has also taken steps, in conjunction with USARAK G-4, to expand the involvement of the 773d LRS and the Alaska Army National Guard in the planning process.
In this case, the 25th ID was unable to assist, as they were not our higher headquarters, USARAK was.
Because of real world operational constraints, to include a lack of combat arms soldiers to act as OCs and role-players, USARAK OSJA and AG were tasked to prepare and conduct the NEO scenarios.