USARCENTUnited States Army Forces, Central Command
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Figure 2 USF-I Fiscal Reconciliation Document Control Matrix 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Location USARCENT R R R R R R R Shaw AFB USARCENT Forward Rock K K K K K K K Island CC.
Like other programs funded with Operation and Maintenance appropriations, USARCENT will be managing USF-I financial transactions in a prior-year status for the next five years.
One of the first challenges we faced was defining what network enclaves existed within USARCENT.
Central Command area of responsibility, USARCENT directly commands and controls almost a dozen posts, camps and stations (P/C/S).
We used the existing circuit action process packages for the communications circuits connecting USARCENT to the GIG as the staring point for identifying our enclaves.
We created a logical definition of the USARCENT NIPRNet enterprise enclave that became the top of our C&A hierarchy (the horizontal oval in Figure 1 encompassing all the Tier 1 touch points).
Everything the SWA-TNOSC and Regional Computer Emergency Response Team-SWA directly managed for the benefit of the entire task organization was part of the USARCENT enterprise enclave.
As such, the USARCENT G8 (Director for Resource Management), in partnership with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) (OUSD(C)), the Business Transformation Agency, ASA(FM&C), and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) embarked on deploying FM/contracting systems used by Army organizations worldwide.
The USARCENT G8 relies on exceptional stewardship of resources as a core value and a culture that considers cost, performance, and risk in decision making and resource allocation.
The USARCENT staff continuously seeks to maximize effectiveness and efficiency by determining the right level of readiness at the right level of industrial capacity and cost.
USARCENT continues to implement the Army's FM doctrine in theater, which merges resource management and financial operations.
This signal detachment, known as Detachment 40, brought unprecedented Signal capability to USARCENT to conduct C2 for full spectrum operations as demonstrated in Exercise Lucky Warrior 2008.