USARCSUnited States Army Claims Service
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The MTF CJA and medical claims attorney is generally delegated authority to dispose of claims from USARCS or the servicing SJA based upon a dollar threshold.
Cases that are expected to exceed $100,000 should be sent to USARCS but the Department of Justice will have decision authority on all compromise and waiver requests stemming from that claim.
Larger cases must be processed by USARCS and those over $100,000 require approval of the Department of Justice.
Visit the USARCS website, peruse the available resources, and familiarize yourself with the affirmative claims discussion board.
12) First, USARCS agreed to pay, as an incidental expense, (13) costs for rental vehicles for up to fourteen days for claimants during the evaluation, repair, or replacement of vehicles damaged by the storm.
The USARCS currently hosts two Deployment Claims Conferences each year at Fort Meade.
Once this information is obtained, the USARCS will provide an estimate of the total value of the lost property based on an analysis of the data gathered in the field.
Claims offices should contact the USARCS before denying any National Guard claim based upon a determination that the tortfeasor was not acting in Title 32 status and, therefore, not covered by the FTCA.
In terms of administrative claims, there will likely be a need for an increase in the number of tort attorneys and investigators assigned to the local installation Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) as well as USARCS.
These FCCs may be composed of a single member, with monetary authority up to $15,000, or three members, with monetary authority up to $50,000 in the field and $100,000 at USARCS.
Claims professionals who were unable to participate in the training can obtain information on the program from the USARCS Internet site.
8) In addition, Area Action Officers (AAOs) from USARCS can conduct training on a number of subjects.