USARIEMUnited States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
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Everything that a soldier wears in terms of clothing, boots, helmets, protective gear, backpacks, anything that they carry with them (except for weapons) is developed here in Natick," said Christopher Joyce, USARIEM.
USARIEM conducts biomedical research to determine how exposure to extreme heat, severe cold, altitude extremes, wind, humidity, occupational tasks, physical training, deployment operations, and nutritional factors affect the health and performance of military personnel.
USARIEM scientists have found that two-thirds of improvement occurs during the first week of treatments.
Kraning KK, Gonzalez RR, "SCENARIO: A military/industrial heat strain model modified to account for effects of aerobic fitness and progressive dehydration," Natick, MA: USARIEM, Technical Report T97-1, 1997.
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This CRADA will afford both Hanoun Medical and USARIEM the opportunity to test our equipment in a group of healthy soldiers.
As Hiatt pointed out, USARIEM usually has three doctors, four medics and a physician assistant tending to the HRVs.
6[degrees]C core temperature, which is in agreement with what has been observed for laboratory studies at the USARIEM (Sawka et al.
He added that USARIEM is now focused on drug development at the molecular level.
But in Afghanistan, you can be fairly high and still warm," said John Castellani, a USARIEM research physiologist.
The study has been prompted by Soldier observations and anecdotal evidence of weight and muscle loss, said Marilyn Sharp, a research health-exercise scientist in the Military Performance Division at USARIEM.