USASACUnited States Army Security Assistance Command
USASACU S Atlantic Salmon Assessment Committee (fishing biologists)
USASACUnited States Army Security Assistance Center
USASACUnited States Army Security Affairs Command
USASACUnited States Army Seoul Area Command
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The relocation to Redstone Arsenal keeps USASAC in close proximity to Headquarters, U.
According to Tucker, while the relocation of USASAC to Redstone Arsenal ofers many opportunities for increasing efficiencies within the security assistance enterprise, the physical location of the building is not a concern for the command's international partners.
USASAC's new headquarters building includes nine medium to large video teleconferencing rooms and more than 15 small video teleconferencing rooms, which ensure all USASAC personnel have access to video teleconferencing communication capabilities.
Recommendation: To help ensure that the United States can account for weapons that it procures or receives from international donors for ANSF, the Secretary of Defense should establish clear accountability procedures for weapons in the control and custody of the United States, and direct USASAC, CSTC-A, and other military organizations involved in providing these weapons to (1) track all weapons by serial number and (2) conduct routine physical inventories.
forces, Colonel Timothy 'Mac' McKernan, USASAC liaison to MNSTC-I, said.
The bonding between people at the event coupled with the work accomplished fostered a renewed sense of purpose for USASAC employees.
Colonel Timothy "Mac" McKernan, USASAC Liaison to MNSTC-I
As an example, in 2007 USASAC identified a void in the case development process and targeted it for improvement.
As an enhancement to the original tool, USASAC created the Interactive Case Development Analyzer (ICDA) (example on next page) to provide easy access to summary-level data by GCC or Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) along with certain drill down capabilities.
Under this assignment, we in USASAC view ourselves and are viewed as "Army Materiel Command's Face to the World.
The USASAC commanding general also serve as the AMC Deputy Chief of Staff for Security Assistance on the Army Materiel Command Headquarters staff.
Cliff Crivello of USASAC led the discussion of the "New FMS Environment.