USASFUnited States All Star Federation (cheerleading)
USASFUnited States Army Special Forces
USASFUnited States Army Security Force
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USASF added that these energy assets have an estimated energy equivalent of 200m barrels of oil representing a 50 year fuel supply for its subsidiary Lima Energy Company, which is constructing an Ultra Clean Btu Converter in Lima, Ohio.
USASF, Logistics in World War II: Final Report of the Army Service Forces (Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1947, 247-250.
Graves pointed to a year of progress at USASF with major debt and equity investments from Canada and the U.
Like Comair, USASF is introducing a new technology, which is a low cost, efficient, clean energy alternative that could change the energy sector for years to come.
In October, 2011, the Company signed an engagement letter with an unrelated third party to act as an advisor and provide investment banking services including arranging a bond financing of $350 million based on the Company's BOE Energy asset, which will be used to advance USASF projects and provide general growth capital for the Company.
USASF believes that additional capital would be available as milestones are achieved and as high growth opportunities call for additional equity capital from an investor that shares the vision of low cost clean energy in America.