USASFCUS Army Special Forces Command
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In addition to the training listed above, USASFC should work with applicable agencies to ensure that MOS specific training such as CI, Source Operations Course and DOD Strategic Debriefers Course (DSDB) are available at the times and in the number of quotas necessary to train the number of MTOE slots allocated for those specialties.
If we continue to send NBQ captains to SF Groups, and if company or detachment command remains a requirement for branch qualification, USASFC should consider making all of the headquarters and support company assignments that are coded for 18A captains into 01A (non-branch specific) assignments to allow for branch qualification within the Group for not only MI officers but other support branches as well.
USASFC should seriously consider dissolving the MID at the Group level, implementing an assessment program to screen IBOS Soldiers prior to their assignment to an SF Group, and including IBOS Soldiers in 18 series specific training that would make them more valuable, relevant, and credible to the ODAs they support.